Sad News

October 02, 1918


All but two of the men in Daniel’s regiment died under Captain Smithwick’s ill-advised order. Despite my arduous hopes and prayers, a raging day and night of anguish followed. My beloved Daniel is one of the dead.

My throat is thick and my eyes swollen, and I am alone in my grief. No one in my circles, besides Smithwick, knew I was married. And now they won’t know that I’m a widow. My heart is filled with both gratitude and regret. Gratitude that I’d had the privilege of being Daniel’s wife for these last five years, and regret that I lost him just as the war is coming to an end, before I could tell him the truth.  That I’ve been in France working dangerously to fight against the same evil as he. Somehow it seems unfair that I live on.

But life does go on, and as the saying goes, the living must keep on living.

It’s been two days, and I can no longer delay on informing the dowager Lady Gold. I pick up a pen and put it to paper, and with a deep, hollow sigh, I begin.


October 4, 1918


Dearest Ambrosia,


Please prepare yourself to receive terrible news. Our Daniel has gone on to his heavenly home. My heart is shattered as I know yours is now. 

I shall see you soon, as I am coming back to England with my husband’s body. We must both put on a brave face for little Felicia. Together we must grieve. Together we must mend.


In service of King and country,



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Lee, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ginger’s journal! So informative. I’m sorry it has ended, but from the start I knew it would. Thanks for this creative series of Ginger’s thoughts. Still enjoy reading about Ginger, Haley and Samantha! Looking forward to the next in the series. Gail
Shop Lee Strauss replied:
It’s good to hear that you enjoy the journals and reading the background of Ginger’s life. This isn’t the last one, though we are getting close to the end. I think there will be three more.


Hi Lee,still enjoying lady Gold,looking forward to the next one.Regards David.
Shop Lee Strauss replied:
Glad to hear it!

David Lowe

Although I knew this sorrowful event would take place, I still felt it. Thank you for the back story in journal form! And I can’t wait to read your newest book in the Higgins and Hawke series that’s coming!
Shop Lee Strauss replied:
You’re welcome!


I wish you would release a book of all the journal entries. I enjoy them so much.
I love all your books.
Thank you, Marcy
Shop Lee Strauss replied:
Thank you! I’m very happy to hear you’re enjoying the journal and my books.

Marcy Adams

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