Death at the Tavern, a Higgins & Hawke mystery by Lee Strauss

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With four audiobooks left and just two days left of the 12 Days of Christmas Audio Book Giveaway I've decided to give away codes for two books on each of the last two days. I have three codes for each, so that's SIX winners per day. 

The Higgins & Hawke mystery series is a spin-off of the Ginger Gold mystery series. Haley Higgin's in Ginger's time, was a nurse pursuing her medical degree to become a doctor, something very few women did in the day. They Haley and Ginger were opposite in almost every way (except intelligence) and unlikely friendship was formed. Haley is a big part of the Ginger Gold mystery series until her departure after book 7. I don't remember if I always pictured Haley having her own series. But as Basil Reed took a larger role with each book, it became evident that they were the crime fighting duo, and that Haley had become a third wheel, especially once Ginger and Basil got married. And being such a dynamic character in her own right, I was excited to give her her own stage.

Since Ginger's series took place in London in the 1920s, I thought it would be interesting to use a completely different setting to move Haley's series to Boston in the 1930s. It made sense, since Haley was American and came from Boston originally, and the time jump gave me the interesting background of prohibition and the great depression.

Originally I pictured the Ginger Gold Mystery series as a friendship duo (obviously Ginger had different plans), and I wanted to give that premise another try. Enter Samantha Hawke.

I'm a fan of the TV series Rizzoli and Isles, also set in Boston, which does the friendship crime fighting team so well, and heavily inspired me. I like to call Higgins & Hawke Rizzoli and Isles in the 1930s, only in my case the pathologist, Haley, is tall, tom-boyish with dark curly hair, and the more girly character is a journalist rather than a detective. Unlike Maura Isles, Samantha Hawke doesn't come from money is a single mother and is unrespected in her line of work which in those days was dominated by men.

I'm excited to giveaway codes for these audiobooks. 

To enter to win leave a comment telling me what you find interesting about the 1930s. I'll use Random. org to pick SIX winners. Winners will be announced after Christmas.

Death at the Tavern, a Higgins & Hawke mystery by Lee Strauss

Death by Rum Running. . .

It’s the hot and humid East Coast summer of 1931 and seven years since Dr. Haley Higgins’ brother Joe was murdered. The case is cold. The Boston Police Department may have given up on finding Joe Higgins’ killer, but Haley never will. She’s serious and savvy and has what it takes to hold up under depressive times. At least she finds some satisfaction doing her part as the city pathologist’s assistant in solving other crimes.

Investigative reporter Samantha Hawke ~ byline Sam Hawke ~ is blond, beautiful and broke, no thanks to her no good husband who’s been on the lam for over six years. Her position at the Boston Daily Record is more than a job ~ it’s payback.

When a man is found dead at the Bell in Hand Tavern on Union Street, Haley and Samantha are both working the case. Haley’s looking for justice and Samantha’s after recognition and a raise. They may want the same thing ~ to catch a killer ~ but it turns out they may need each other to solve this case before becoming the next victims.

Death on the Tower, a Higgins & Hawke mystery by Lee Strauss

Death by Treason . . .

When the body of a British National is found at the base of the common house tower in Boston, assistant medical examiner, Dr. Haley Higgins has no reason to believe it wasn’t suicide.

That is until Investigative Reporter Samantha Hawke gets an anonymous tip: the victim, a Mrs. Olivia Gray, was pushed from the seventh floor to her death.

The question is why?

Haley and Samantha work together to unravel secrets that go back to a time that no one wants to remember ~ when shameful acts were sanctioned, and death licked at everyone’s heels.

What did Mrs. Gray know, and who wanted to silence her?

What do you find interesting about the 1930s? Prohibition? Rum running? The human spirit facing challenging life obstacles?
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It was before my time, but I love reading about the simplicity of the era in the midst of new, technological advances of the day.

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