Murder at the Weddings, a Rosa Reed mystery by Lee Strauss

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Only 2 days left! Tomorrow is all about Higgins & Hawke, but for now we say good bye to Rosa Reed. 

The last Rosa Reed Mystery was a bittersweet to write.

We finally see Rosa and Miguel get the happiness they deserve. However, Miguel's sister who is Rosa's friend finds herself in a compromising situation that would ruin her reputation (the way society saw things in those days). 

Rosa's solution was to have a double wedding! So much fun, until, that is, a body is found at the reception. Complicating matters, Rosa and Miguel know the person well.

A bonus for this audiobook is another integration of a song written by Norm, a love ballad for Rosa. You can listen to it HERE

To enter win leave a comment telling me what you love about the 1950s. I'll use Random. org to pick the winners. Winners will be announced on this post. 

Murder at the Weddings, a Rosa Reed mystery by Lee Strauss

Seeing double is murder!

If one wedding is good, a double wedding is better! Rosa and Miguel agree that walking down the aisle with Bill and Carlotta solves a lot of social and familial problems, but the drama is notched up when a dead body arrives with dessert!

Don’t miss this final installment of a Rosa Reed Mystery series where Rosa finally gets her happily ever after.


What do you love about the 1950s? The music? The fashion? The cars?
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