Death on Hanover, a Higgins & Hawke mystery by Lee Strauss

12 Days of Christmas Audio Book Giveaway - Day 12 - 2 books! Death on Hanover and Death by Dancing








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Last day of the 12 Days of Christmas Audio Book Giveaway! Thanks so much for joining me. I've enjoyed revisiting Rosa Reed, Haley Higgins and Samantha Hawke's stories. 

The last two audiobooks to giveaway are books 3 and 4 of the Higgins & Hawke mysteries. Book 3, Death on Hanover, follows Haley and Sam's and their (also unlikely) friendship, which hits a big hurdle at the end of this book. I'm being careful not to giveaway any spoilers but big things happen in both Haley and Samantha's personal lives, and well, you're just going to have to read/listen to find out what. 

There is a bit of a time jump when we get to book 4 Death by Dancing, and life has smoothed out for both Haley and Samantha by this point. I wanted to set a book around the dance marathon phenomena that happened during this time period. It was a pretty brutal experience for the dancers, and some actually died from the extreme exertion. The fact that so many voluntarily put themselves through the agony was a sign of the desperation of the times.

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To enter leave a comment telling me what you find interesting about the 1930s. I'll use Random. org to pick SIX winners. Winners will be announced after Christmas. 
Death on Hanover, a Higgins & Hawke mystery by Lee Strauss
Death by design. . .

Investigative reporter Sam Hawke, alias Mrs. Samantha Rosenbaum, is the first on the scene—what luck!—when a body is found in the yard of St. Stephen’s Church on Hanover Street in Boston.

Dr. Haley Higgins, the assistant Chief Medical Examiner finds the modus operandi of the crime eerily familiar to that of her brother’s, an unsolved murder that has plagued her for years.

Set in the 1930s, this third book in the Higgins & Hawke mystery series will have you biting your nails as Haley and Samantha’s pasts collide. Will Haley finally get to the bottom of the mystery behind her brother's death? Will their friendship survive the truth? 
Death by Dancing, a Higgins & Hawke mystery by Lee Strauss
Death’s a jig!

When a brutal dance marathon in the suburbs of Boston in 1932 turns deadly, Dr. Haley Higgins is surprised to discover the deceased is the widow of a man whose body still lies in the cold cabinets of her morgue. She has reasons to believe the man’s death wasn’t natural, and now, with his wife having succumbed to the same symptoms, her convictions of foul play are stronger than ever.

With the help of investigative reporter Samantha Hawke, Haley works to determine which contestants in the dancing contest had means, motive, and opportunity. And most of all, how to keep the killer from striking again.
What do you find interesting about the 1930s? Prohibition? Rum running? The human spirit facing challenging life obstacles?
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Book 6 DEATH ON TREMONT ROW is available for preorder.
Releases December 26
Death on Tremont Row, a Higgins & Hawke mystery by Lee Strauss

Death isn't an act!

It’s been five years since Haley Higgins moved back from London to Boston, and in that time she’s become a doctor of pathology and the assistant pathologist at the Boston City Morgue. In her position, she often assists in the solving of crimes and murders, particularly since she’s been working in tandem with Samantha Hawke, an intrepid newspaper reporter and good friend.

In the spring of 1932, depression is widespread in all its forms. Haley is cheered by news that her good friend Ginger Reed, once known as Lady Gold and a former resident of Boston, is coming to visit! Naturally, Ginger will want to spend time with her sister and stepmother, but there will certainly be time for two old friends to chum around.

Tremont Row, a bustling shopping and theatre district, is exactly the kind of place Haley and Ginger, along with Samantha, love to hang out. Until a death at a play on opening night interferes with their shopping plans!

Haley and Samantha, continuing to fight the patriarchal barriers in their respective fields, work together to find justice for the latest victim. Is it a crime driven by the desperation of poverty, or is the motive far more sinister?



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My parents grew up during the depression. Interesting reading about that time in history.

Karen Kepner

Rum running


The music.


The 30s are fascinating – so much societal change. My grandparents met and married in the 30s, and my grandma had boxes upon boxes of photos from that time period. I love looking at them.

Tracey Mealing

My parents were in their teens in the 1930’s. Hearing stories from that time period, about the clothes, music, traditions, etc. makes me feel more connected to them and helps me to imagine what life was like for them growing up.

Diane Reinholdt

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