12 Days of Christmas Audio Book Giveaway - Day 2- Murder on the Boardwalk

12 Days of Christmas Audio Book Giveaway - Day 2- Murder on the Boardwalk


Please email me at leestraussbooks@gmail.com and tell me you won the audiobook Murder on the Boardwalk.


Day 2 AUDIO BOOK giveaway is Murder on the Boardwalk.

This is a co-write with my very good friend Denise Jaden (check out her store HERE). We just wanted to try something new and fun and had a good time working on this book (and one other soon to come) together. This one takes place on a fictional fairground boardwalk similar to Santa Monica Pier, where one of the attendants comes to a ghastly end.

This series is narrated by Stephanie Nemeth-Parker through Dreamscapes media. I think she does an amazing job.

To enter leave a comment telling me what you love about the 1950s. I'll use Random. org to pick FOUR winners. Winners will be announce on this post. 

Murder on the Boardwalk, a Rosa Reed mystery by Lee Strauss

Murder's such a shock!

When Rosa Reed—aka WPC Reed of the Metropolitan Police—and her cousin Gloria decide to spend a fun-filled afternoon in 1956 at the fair on the boardwalk in Santa Bonita, California, they're in for a shocking surprise. After a ride assistant's death by electrocution is determined to be murder, Rosa finds herself entangled once again with her high school sweetheart, Detective Miguel Belmonte. Should she catch the next flight to London before she loses her heart again? Or worse, her life?

What do you think about Capri pants? Happy they've come back? (Are they still back?) What other 50s style would you like to see come back?
If you'd rather read the book, you can buy it HERE
Or get an ebook bundle for a bargain price HERE
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Love Capri pants. I wish some of the hairstyles would come back.

Stacey Bradley

I wish more drive-in-style restaurants were around.

Karen Kepner

The music


The best decade of my family!

Lisa K LaMere



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