12 Days of Christmas Audio Book Giveaway - Day 3 - Murder at the Bomb Shelter

12 Days of Christmas Audio Book Giveaway - Day 3 - Murder at the Bomb Shelter


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The title, Murder at the Bomb Shelter, gives away one of the social concerns of the time. After WW2 ended another kind of war began, known as the Cold War. Russia, a former ally had become an enemy, ane that nation and the USA both raced to see who would be first to build/launch a nuclear bomb. The threat of a nuclear attack was a deep-seated fear and many people responded by building personal bomb shelters in their backyards.

Rosa, coming from England, has a different perspective, but she and her American former-love, Miguel Belmonte are both on the case when a body is found in a woodland shelter.

You might've noticed another co-author name on these book covers. Norm Strauss is my husband, my partner in life, writing, and music. When he retired from touring I was at a place in my business where I needed help. He started off be doing research (there's a lot of that when writing historical mysteries) then he helped me draft some journal entries for Ginger's Journal. That led to co-writing short stories for Lady Gold Investigates, which led to Rosa Reed. Norm is a prolific songwriter and those creative, word-crafting skills were easily transferable, much to my delight!

To enter leave a comment telling me what you love or maybe hate? about the 1950s. I'll use Random. org to pick FOUR winners. Winners will be announced on this post. 

Murder at the Bomb Shelter, a Rosa Reed mystery by Lee Strauss
Murder's a blast!

Rosa Reed's holiday with the Forester Family in Santa Bonita has turned into an extended stay, and Rosa decides to make use of her Metropolitan Police training and sets up a private investigative business ~ just like her mother! But she finds she's not the only one who keeps business in the family, and when one of the members of the prestigious Gainer family is found dead in his bomb shelter, Rosa is invited to take on the case ~ much to Detective Miguel Belmonte's chagrin. If Rosa doesn't find the killer soon, the summer of '56 just might be her last.
What do you know about the bombshelter craze of the 1950s? Like modern-day "preppers" do you do anything to prepare for a potential crisis? Or just go with the flow of things?
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I live in California. I try to do some prep for an earthquake but I could do more.


I was born in the latter part of the 1950s. I love the television programs from the 50s. I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, Dragnet, and Leave it to Beaver to name a few.

Evelyn Daniels

I enjoyed having the whole family do things together

Helen Drake

I love how most moms were able to stay home with the kids. These days it takes 2 incomes for most families.

Karen Kepner



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