Murder and Rock 'n' Roll, a Rosa Reed mystery by Lee Strauss

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Murder and Rock 'n' Roll is one of my favorites and extra special to me. You'll notice that Norm Strauss is a co-writer, and if you recall, I mentioned Norm was a prolific songwriter. So naturally he had to write a song to go along with this book!  

Pretty Little Lady in a White Corvette is written in the 50s boyband style of the day with lots of hooky lines and full harmonies. Miguel Belmonte, Rosa's love interest is also a musician and plays in a band call Mick and the Beat Boys. He writes a song about a pretty lady who drives a white corvette - none other than Rosa Reed. The only problem is Rosa first hears the song live while in the company of her boyfriend Larry!

The very cool thing about this audiobook is the integration of Norm's song. You'll hear it while you listen!

If you want to hear it now go HERE.

As a fun nod to the musicians of the era, In Murder and Rock 'n' Roll Rosa meets the Everly brothers in the early days of their fame, along with Elvis Presley. And it's at one of this new sensation's concerts that the murder occurs.

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Murder and Rock 'n' Roll, a Rosa Reed mystery by Lee Strauss
Murder is a hit!

It's the summer of 1956 and Private Investigator Rosa Reed (former Woman Police Constable from the London Metropolitan Police) attends her first rock and roll concert featuring the young and upcoming music sensation Elvis Presley. The high note goes sour when a press photographer is found dead onstage and Rosa is called in to investigate. When the apparent suicide is deemed to be a murder, she is once again called upon to work side by side with her former flame, Detective Miguel Belmonte. Will Rosa keep her heart in line and find the killer before she has to sing the blues?
Who is your favorite 50s pop or rock star? Do you have a favorite song?
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Karen Kepner

Not a big lover of 50’s rock but grew up hearing a lot of Frank Sinatra in the house. I can appreciate him but I’m more of another Jersey native, Springsteen fan (probably born in 50’s).

rachael barish

Nat King Cole is a favorite of mine. He has such an incredible voice.

Cherie J

Loved a good drive in diner.

Karen Kepner



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