Murder at the Races, a Rosa Reed Mystery by Lee Strauss

12 Days of Christmas Audio Book Giveaway - Day 6 - Murder at the Races



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Day 6! Can you believe we're half way through the 12 Days of Christmas Audio Book giveaway? I hope you're having fun. I am!

Murder at the Races is another co-write with my husband, Norm, who had a lot of fun do the research. Stock car racing has its history in rum running, when outlaws beefed up their motorcars in order to outrun the police! The thrill that came with driving fast didn't end with prohibition and organized racing began soon afterward.

That didn't mean crime ended too. Instead of bootlegging liquor, illegal gambling became all the rage, and with prize money on the line, not all drivers and their team members raced with integrity. 

The problem for one of the drivers in Rosa's world was a little more snake-y than that. You'll have to read/listen to find out!

To enter leave a comment telling me what you love about the 1950s. I'll use Random. org to pick the winners. 

Murder at the Races, a Rosa Reed Mystery by Lee Strauss
Murder is a wreck!

Rosa Reed attends a charity stock car race in Santa Bonita and expects to have an exhilarating time shared with family and friends. That ends when a driver inexplicably crashes into a guard rail and dies. When local assistant medical examiner, Dr. Larry Rayburn determines the death is suspicious, Rosa once again finds herself working with the handsome Detective Miguel Belmonte in an awkward and uncomfortable alliance to solve the murder.
Time to talk cars! Do you love vintage automoblies? Are you a Chevy or Ford fan?
If you'd rather read the book, you can buy it HERE
Or get an ebook bundle for a bargain price HERE
Bonus: If you'd like to see Norm play "Draggin' the Line" on youtube, you'll catch a glimpse of an old hot rod.

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The cars

Karen Kepner

not a car person like Wendy. They were big back then.

rachael barish

I am not a huge fan of vintage automobiles, but my hubby is.

Cherie J

I’m not a big car person. I can’t tell the difference between brands unless I recognize the logo or can read the name.




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