Murder at the Dude Ranch, a Rosa Reed Mystery by Lee Strauss

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If there's one thing distinctly American and distinctly Un-British it's the dude ranch
. I thought it would be fun to put our English heroine who grew up riding on English saddles and wearing Jodhpur trousers, onto a rustic ranch with American cowboys.

The Rosa Reed series includes a lot of family dynamics. Her aunt Louisa Forrester and granny Sally were amongst the most wealthy of the residents of Santa Bonita, but money isn't the answer to every problem, especially problems of the heart. Aunt Louisa, a long time widow, has finally fallen for someone new, except that the man is in a social class beneath her. Rosa wants to help her aunt let go of old beliefs, to let love be love, and give the ranch hand a chance. Even if her aunt broke Rosa's heart by keeping her away from her own true love--Miguel Belmonte--for the same reasons. 

Complicating matters is the unexpected arrival of Rosa's former fiancé, Lord Winston Eveleigh, a man she'd left unceremoniously at the altar.

All this and a gruesome, complex murder to solve!

To enter leave a comment telling me what you love about the 1950s. 

Murder at the Dude Ranch, a Rosa Reed mystery by Lee Strauss


Murder's a Wild Ride!

Rosa Reed takes a much needed break from her thriving private investigative work by joining her cousin Clarence and Aunt Louisa for a weekend getaway at the Black Stallion Dude Ranch near Santa Bonita, California. It's the beginning of 1957 and Rosa is ready for a fresh start. Newly single, all she needs is time on the trails, and cuddles from her tabby cat, Diego.

The peace and quiet of ranch life is soon disrupted when a horse returns from a trail ride without its rider. When foul play is determined, Rosa finds herself thrust once again into a murder investigation alongside the handsome detective Miguel Belmonte.

Suspicion falls on many of the guests—the failed investment banker, the laundromat owner, the heiress, and to Rosa's dismay, her own cousin Clarence.

Can Rosa prove her cousin's innocence before the cows come home?

Are you a fan of cowboys and cowboy life? Have you ever ridden a horse?
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I love the socialness that is represented in any show about the ’50’s.

Sheryl Smith

Music was peppy

Karen Kepner

I’ve ridden a horse a few times in my life but it’s been years. I walked funny for a bit after. I’m more of a city girl (now suburban girl).

rachael barish

I am a fan of cowboys and cowboy life. Not much for living it since I grew up in a big city. Only ridden a horse once.

Cherie J

Never ridden a horse or been to a ranch.


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