Murder at the Fiesta, a Rosa Reed Mystery by Lee Strauss

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Rosa Reed and Miguel Belmonte are in love! 

Having overcome many obstacles to get to this point, Rosa thought nothing else could get in their way of their love, but she hadn't accounted for Miguel's strong-willed mother! Family is everything to Mrs. Belmonte, and any new family member should be Mexican, and if not Mexican, then at least they should be Catholic!

Rosa falls short on both of those counts and more. 

A common troupe in the cozy mystery genre is the push-pull love affair between the protagonist and another investigator. At some point, though the two need to come together. The reader not only expects this but would be duly disappointed if it didn't happen. Even as the writer, I was happy when Rosa and Miguel finally got together and could pursue their happily ever after. But, I couldn't make it too easy (insert evil Austin Powers laugh here)

I also have a deep fondness for Mexico and Mexicans, and hold a lot of gratitude that they are so welcoming to Canadians like my husband and me who make an annual trek south to escape some of the winter. So it was fun for me to incorporate some of the cultural aspects celebrated by Mexican families such as the birthday fiesta.

Naturally, a murder takes place, so at least Rosa has a new case to work on to help keep her mind off her new troubles with her soon-to-be inlaws. 

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Murder's a bash!

When Rosa Reed attends a birthday party in the spring of 1957, the Mexican fiesta turns deadly. It wasn't how Rosa wanted to celebrate with Detective Miguel Belmonte, nor how she hoped to be introduced to his large complicated family.

Before long, Rosa Reed Investigations is on the case. Can Rosa and Miguel find the murderer before someone else dies?

And when will Rosa have time to make wedding plans?
What do you love about the 1950s? The music? The fashion? The cars? The new gadgets?
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