Spend your Valentine's Day with Rosa & Miguel!

Spend your Valentine's Day with Rosa & Miguel!

Are you spending Valentine's Day alone? I know, it happens. On this Valentine's day you can spend it with Rosa & Miguel!

For one day only I'm offering all the Rosa Reed Mystery books for just $2.14. Get it? 2/14? Yes, you can download all ten book for just $21.40 (USD). The price for this bundle will never be this low again. 

Plus you get the bonus short-story sequel - a true love story!

Rosa Reed Mystery Valentines day sale

Get your Valentine's day deal today by clicking here: 


I know I love a great love story, especially on Valentine's Day. Don't miss this sweet deal! Cozy up and get swept away to another time and place, and let your heart safely swoon while catching a few bad guys along the way.

Too busy to read today? No worries, you can load up your e-reader and save Rosa and Miguel's love story for another day. 

Happy Reading!


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