Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my website!


Hello Again!

Some of you might remember how, last summer, I announced I was opening up an on-line store in order to sell directly to my readers (and give them the best deals!). I mistakenly thought I could whip that up in a month’s time, but, as they say, we don’t know what we don’t know. Setting up a new website and store was a lot more work than I anticipated. A lot of behind-the-curtain type of things needed to be set up and even with the help of my excellent assistant, it still took months. (It didn’t help that I was travelling, moving and recovering from shoulder replacement surgery during that time either).

However, I can finally say it’s ready! The website (still leestraussbooks.com) is live with a clean new look. You can still shop at your favorite retailers, but buying directly from me will save you money since I can offer deals now, particularly with bundles, that I can’t do on retailers, and it saves me money that I usually have to pay to those retailers, so it’s a WIN WIN. 

The same features are offered as before, including my blog and also Ginger’s Journal, if you’ve been following that. I plan to add a lot more product over time, so stay tuned. 

(Note for UK Shoppers: I'm still setting up the VAT, so it will be a little bit longer before you can shop. My apologies for the delay. Tax things are always so complicated.)

Regarding Kindle Unlimited: I know many of my readers are subscribers to Kindle Unlimited, so I’m working on juggling the need for exclusivity to remain in KU and the need for non-exclusivity in order to sell directly. Because of this, you’ll find that some titles are no longer in KU. I will continue to run my new releases through Kindle Unlimited, but gradually over time, more titles will drop off. If I ever do remove all my titles completely, I will give KU subscribers notice ahead of time. This is also why some books on my store will link back to Amazon, rather than provide a shopping cart.

I’m happy to offer 15% off on all first-time purchases. You’ll have to sign up for my newsletter (don’t worry if you’re already on one—this one is specifically for the store).

What do you think about the new look and the new offers? I’d love to hear from you!

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I love all your series! Please keep writing! 😊

Lisa Bjornstad

Looking forward to the next book!

Charlotte Cooper

Hi Lee,can’t get enough of Lady Gold,please keep them coming,Thanks.

David Lowe

Eagerly waiting for more Ginger Gold ebooks to drop off KU and onto here! Currently my favourite series out of all I collect, by far.


I liked seeing what books are coming

Helen Rodin Drake

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