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The Race for Gold is Murder

The 1928 Amsterdam Olympics set the stage for Ginger's latest adventure. Excited yet conflicted, Ginger faces a historic moment: women's debut in the games amid a British boycott. The plot thickens when an English sprinter is found dead. Was it a protest against the boycott, or is something darker at play?

Ginger and Basil race to assist Dutch police, unraveling a mystery where the stakes are life or death, and the finish line means survival.

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Enter the world of cozy historical mysteries

From the glitz of the 1920s, the rum runs of the 30s, and the poodle skirts of the 50s ~ Lee Strauss has got your cozy (clean read) escape covered.

The Ginger Gold Mystery series

Lady Ginger Gold, a savvy and spirited woman navigating 1920s London, enthralls with her enigmatic wartime past. Readers will find themselves deeply drawn into her world, where heartstrings are tugged and intellects are challenged in a captivating quest to solve the whodunit.

"Absolutely fabulous!I really could not enjoy a series any more than this one." Terri Donaldson - Amazon reviewer

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The Higgins & Hawke Mystery series

The Higgins & Hawke mystery series catapults you to 1930s Boston, featuring Ginger Gold’s best friend, Dr. Haley Higgins, and daring reporter, Samantha Hawke. In this vibrant spin-off, the friendship duo navigates prohibition, the depression era, and the challenges of being formidable women in a male-dominated world, delivering a thrilling blend of intrigue and empowerment.

"Death at the Tavern is the first of a series - I can't want to tackle the rest. This story is upbeat, crisp and hard to put aside." - Bonnie Reed Fry - Amazon reviewer

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The Rosa Reed Mystery series

Rosa Reed springs to life in the 1950s as an Englishwoman embarking on sleuthing adventures under the sunny skies of California. This second spin-off series spices things up with her unexpected reunion with old flame, Detective Miguel Belmonte, blending mystery, romance, and the allure of Hollywood’s golden era.

"The 1950s is a great decade for exploring the mores and customs in the USA at that time, and the author makes the time period feel like a character in its own right." - Holly AW - Amazon review

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