Boston: The Cradle of Liberty ~ and the inspiration for CLOCKWISE my first book!

Boston: The Cradle of Liberty ~ and the inspiration for CLOCKWISE my first book!

I had the privilege of living in Boston, Massachusetts for one year back in 2005. That seems like another lifetime ago! My husband's job took our family there for that short period of time, and I loved every minute. Being a West Coast girl, I hadn't spent any time on the East Coast and Boston area was a great place to get my feet wet. (Ha, see what I did there?) 

So much history. In comparison, the town I come from in British Columbia is a toddler next to a middle-aged man. (The old man being England.)

Renowned for its pivotal role in American history, Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England. The city's early years were marked by iconic events, including the Boston Massacre in 1770 and the Boston Tea Party in 1773, which were critical sparks leading to the American Revolution. The spirit of independence that imbued the streets of Boston carried over to the Siege of Boston, leading to the Evacuation Day of 1776, when British forces withdrew from the city.

Culturally, Boston became an intellectual powerhouse, fostering education and thought. It is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the country, including Harvard University, founded in 1636. The city's commitment to education and the arts also led to the founding of the first public school in America, the Boston Latin School, and the first subway system, a testimony to Boston's innovative spirit.

I couldn't help but be inspired as I toured many historic landmarks on the Freedom Trail, and from this experience my first series, the Clockwise Collection was born. My protagonist, teenage Casey Donovan, is a reluctant time-traveller who attempts - not too successfully - to navigate her high school experience with uncontrolled trips back in time. At different points during the series, she visits the civil war, revolutionary war and early Harvard University. 

I'm very fond of these books. Though they are categorized as Young Adult, many adults enjoy reading about Casey's adventures and her unlikely romance with the "hunk" of the high school, Nate Mackenzie. As with my cozy mysteries, these books are clean reading.

For a limited time I'm offering the first 3 books at a 15% discount. 


The Clockwise Collection ~ 5 clean young adult time travel romances 

 The Clockwise books are clean reads, meaning no sex, swearing or on the page violence. 


What readers are saying:

"First-person perspective done right makes a protagonist seem more accessible, and Strauss certainly does it right with Casey... Readers who "trip" back in time with Casey will wish they could stay longer in her strangely relatable pace." --Kirkus Review

"I loved Clockwise! A great read, and I love your Casey/Cassandra. Congratulations."- Wendy Orr, author of 
Nim's Island

Clockwise was a fun, lighthearted read with a great mixture of fantasy, history and romance. ..." Book Junkie at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books.

"Clockwise was a fantastic, new look into the life of an extraordinary teenage girl. I was left thinking about this book for days afterward. A definite must read for YA romance seekers." Sonny at Literary Junkie

"If you are looking for a 
fast, enjoyable, page-turner...Clockwise is your book." Mandy at Twimom101

Clockwise was a fun, lighthearted read with a great mixture of fantasy, history and romance. ... It's easy to get swept away in the story where the historical facts, personable characters and excellent plotline all come together." Book Junkie at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books.

"Clockwise kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire read! The plot is pretty fast-paced, and the romantic tension had me excited the whole way through." Jessica @ Write. Skate. Dream.


Have you ever been to Boston? What did you think?

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Born and raised in New England here! I’ve been to Boston on the Freedom Trail many times; Paul Revere’s house and visitor’s center and the little park in the North End too. My mom’s ancestors were early colonists in Massachusetts and my dad’s were more recent Italian immigrants to the Boston area so I love the North End. Did you visit Providence while you were in Boston? Boston gets all the credit for starting the Revolution but in Rhode Island, before the Boston Tea Party, a group of colonists (possibly probably including wealthy merchants who were busy smuggling) got drunk, angry with the Coast Guard revenue taxman charging them for their cargo and rowed out to the Gaspee ship, tied up the captain and set fire to the ship. I hope you come back for a visit and see both wonderful cities full of history. There are also some Indian museums worth visiting if you want to learn about the original caretakers of the land.
Shop Lee Strauss replied:
The North End is a special place. We never got to Rhode Island. It’s been a long time since we’ve been to New England, but hope we can get there again sometime.


My husband & I visited years ago. We both had ancestors who fought at Bunker Hill (on the colonist side). At a restaurant next to Fenway Park, we had the best Buffalo chicken dip we’ve ever found before going to a baseball game. Ha Also toured Harvard, such a pretty campus!
Shop Lee Strauss replied:
* Interesting family history. Such great experiences! *

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Danette del Castillo

I’ve been to Boston several times and loved it each time. The Freedom Trail; Paul Revere’s house, and the food!
Shop Lee Strauss replied:
* The whole city has such a cool vibe!*

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