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A new Higgins & Hawke Mystery! 

Death is greatly depressing!

It’s been five years since Haley Higgins moved back from London to Boston, and in that time she’s become a doctor of pathology and the assistant pathologist at the Boston City Morgue. In her position, she often assists in the solving of crimes and murders, particularly since she’s been working in tandem with Samantha Hawke, an intrepid newspaper reporter and good friend.

In the spring of 1932, depression is widespread in all its forms. Haley is cheered by news that her good friend Ginger Reed, once known as Lady Gold and a former resident of Boston, is coming to visit! Naturally, Ginger will want to spend time with her sister and stepmother, but there will certainly be time for two old friends to chum around.

Tremont Row, a bustling shopping and theatre district, is exactly the kind of place Haley and Ginger, along with Samantha, love to hang out. Until a death interferes with their shopping plans!

Haley and Samantha, continuing to fight the patriarchal barriers in their respective fields, work together to find justice for the latest victim. Is it a crime driven by the desperation of poverty, or is the motive far more sinister?

Can Ginger help Felicia navigate the twists and turns of fate and stop a second death?
Releasing Dec 26., 2023. 
Death on Tremont Row will be available in paperback in this store (
A new Ginger Gold Mystery! 

The Race for Gold is Murder

The 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam was a widely anticipated event bringing countries across the world together in competition. Ginger has mixed feelings about attending. She’s excited that for the first time, women athletes are to be included in the competition, but with a limited number of events on offer, British female athletes declare a boycott!

When a female sprinter is found dead, it’s discovered that the victim shares citizenship with two countries, England being one of them.

Was the woman killed because of her refusal to boycott, or does the murderer have more sinister motives?

Ginger and Basil find themselves assisting the Dutch police to stop the killer before another athlete fails to cross the finish line.

Releasing June 25, 2024. 
Murder at the Olympics will be available in paperback in this store (