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A new Ginger Gold Mystery! 

The Race for Gold is Murder!

The 1928 Amsterdam Olympics set the stage for Ginger's latest adventure. Excited yet conflicted, Ginger faces a historic moment: women's debut in the games amid a British boycott. The plot thickens when an English sprinter is found dead. Was it a protest against the boycott, or is something darker at play?

Ginger and Basil race to assist Dutch police, unraveling a mystery where the stakes are life or death, and the finish line means survival.

Releasing April 30, 2024. 
Murder at the Olympics will be available in paperback in this store (


A new Higgins & Hawke Mystery! 

Death is so cryptic!

In 1932, Boston’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Haley Higgins is called to view bones at the crypt at King’s Chapel. Finding old bones in a crypt isn’t unusual, but finding new bones is! Together with her good friend and investigative journalist Samantha Hawke and in co-operation with the police, Haley works to unravel the mystery behind the lost soul abandoned in the crypt. Who was the victim and why was the body left in the crypt?

Suspects range from caretakers at King’s Chapel, to members of the Freedom Trail historical society, to local government officials.

As the mystery unravels, it’s clear to Haley that they’re dealing with a sinister mind and a culprit who wouldn’t stop at killing again.

Releasing Sept 24, 2024 
Death at King's Chapel will be available in paperback in this store (