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Lee Strauss

Like Clockwork (Paperback)

Like Clockwork (Paperback)

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LIKE CLOCKWORK is a companion book to Clockwise and can be read alone.
**Adeline shows up again with Casey in Counter Clockwise**

Adeline doesn't feel she belongs in her own time, but can bad boys from the past be trusted?

Adeline Savoy had hoped that the move west from Cambridge to Hollywood with her single dad would mean they'd finally bond like a real family, but all she got was a father too busy with his new female friends and his passion for acting to really see her.

Instead, she finds herself getting attached to Faye, the divorcee hairdresser she befriends when she travels back in time to 1955. Plus Faye has a hottie, James Dean-esque, bad-boy brother who has Adeline's heart all aflutter. But bad boys from the past can be dangerous.

Is it possible that Adeline really does belong in her own time and that maybe the right boy lives as close as next door?
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